NT8B79FA DoorPhone Nortel Networks Door Phone System Meridian Norstar NT8B79

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Nortel Networks NT8B79FA DoorPhone
Norstar Door Phone Set

Nortel Networks - Norstar NTAB1223 Door Phone    Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar
   Item : Door Box
   Availability : New Only
   Part Number : NT8B79FA
   New : $225.00

Features & Benefits
With the Norstar/Meridian NT8B79FA Door Phone you can talk directly with visitors using integrated technology.

Even open a locked door right from your Norstar telephone. It's the secure, easy-to-use answer you need to manage traffic.

When a visitor presses the Call button on your Norstar NT8B79FA DoorPhone, it will ring the designated phone or phones in your office.

Your Norstar NT8B79FA Door Phone displays which Door phone is calling. You can then greet your visitors over the intercom.

And with the optional Door Opening Controller (DOC), any Norstar NT8B79FA Door Phone can control a latch on a door or a gate.

Simply press the softkey below OPEN in your LCD Window. And the door opens. The Nortel Networks DoorPhone also comes in stainless steel to match even the most sophisticated office buildings!

  Norstar NT8B79FA Door Phone

More than a doorbell. More than an intercom. The Norstar Doorphone is like having your own personal door attendant!

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