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Nortel T7100 T7208 T7316E M7100 M7208 M7310 M7324 T7406 Phones

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Nortel Networks Telephone Sets

Meridian - Norstar Phones
Nortel Networks: Telephone Sets
  Phone Sets
  1. Norstar T7100 Phone NT8B25
  2. Norstar T7208 Phone NT8B26
  3. Norstar T7316E Phone NT8B27
  4. Norstar M7100 Phone NT8B14
  5. Norstar M7208 Phone NT8B30
  6. Norstar M7310 Phone NT8B20
  7. Norstar M7324 Phone NT8B40
8. Norstar T7406 Cordless Phone
  9. Norstar Door Phone

Telephone System Accessories

1. Polycom Conferencing Unit
  2. Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  3. Norstar Key Lamp Module (KLM)
  4. Paging & Ringing Amplifier (PA-2A)
  5. Silent Service Observation Unit


Some phones like the Norstar M7208 phone and the Norstar M7310 phone are discontinued but are available refurbished.

We offer a wide range of Norstar phones from the Norstar T7100 phones to the Norstar T7208 phone, Norstar T7316E extensive phone and Norstar M7324 receptionists station as well as the Norstar cordless phone, audio conferencing units, and door phones.

Norstar phones are some of the easiest to use, with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on every phone to guide you through the use of each feature and application. Each business series phone like T7100, T7208, T7316e, T7406, M7100, M7208, M7310, and the M7324 phone all have great features for even the novice user!

Norstar offers a wide range of phones to fit any need in your business-from the front desk to the conference room, and anywhere in between. Plus, each Norstar phone comes with a long list of standard features.


  Meridian Norstar
Nortel Networks
Business Series Phones
Nortel Networks M and T series phones including: T7100, T7208, T7316e, T7406, M7100, M7208, M7310, and the M7324 phone all have great features for even the novice user. Call us today to find out which business phone is right for you and your business!
  Norstar System Packages
Great online deals available for Norstar telephones, and with new as well as refurbished telephone systems, we have what you need for your small business!
Meridian Norstar - Nortel Networks CallPilot 100 Voice Mail System with 10 - 40 mailboxes Meridian Norstar
Call Pilot 100 Voice Mail with 10 - 40 mailboxes.
from $389.00
Meridan Norstar - Nortel Networks - T1 Expansion Card for the Norstar Phone System The Norstar T1 (NT7B74) Digital Trunk Card adds a T1 to your Norstar Mocular ICS Cabinet.
from $399.00
Meridian Norstar - Nortel Networks - Modular MICS Control Unit Meridian Norstar Nortel Networks Modular MICS Control Unit
Features include, internal messaging, integrated calling and call log.
from $450.00

Each business series phone like T7100, T7208, T7316e, T7406, M7100, M7208, M7310, and the M7324 phone all have great features for even the novice user!

LCD window with soft keys: Walks users through features and applications. This makes Norstar one of the easiest telephone systems to use, and eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive training.
High quality handsfree speakerphone: Built into each Norstar telephone (except M7100), for added convenience and productivity.
Intercom: Increases the convenience of interoffice conversations, while keeping outside lines free.
Programmable buttons: Let you customize each user's phone with the right mix of features, lines, and intercoms.
Memory buttons: Provide fast access to frequently dialed numbers.
Call log: Tracks and records incoming calls.
Hold: Provides waiting callers with tones or music plus a periodic reminder of held calls.
Volume control: Lets you adjust the ringer, speakerphone, headset, and handset volume.
Automatic set relocation: Ensures that each Norstar phone stays programmed through office moves. Just plug it in and go!
Selective ringing tones: Give users the choice of four ringing tones to easily distinguish their phone's ring from others nearby.
Headset jack: Allows the convenience of a headset-without unplugging the handset. (Not available on M7100.)
Wall-Mount capability: Gives you the flexibility to place a phone wherever it's needed.
Attractive, compact design - in colors of black, ash, or gray-looks great and works great in any office environment!

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