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NT8B41 Nortel Networks Key Lamp Module KLM Meridian Norstar NTBB41

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Nortel Networks NT8B41
Key Lamp Module (KLM)

Nortel Networks - Norstar NT8B41 Key Lamp Module    Manufacturer: Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar
   Item : Key Lamp Module
   Availability : New/Refurbished
   Colors : Black, Ash, Grey
   Part Number : NT8B41
   New : N/A
   Refurb : $49.00
Features & Benefits
For improved call handling, add a KLM. Up to 2 Key Lamp Modules (NT8B41) or Central Answering Positions (CAPs) can be added to an Norstar M7324 providing 48 or 96 additional programmable buttons. Use these to program features or autodial numbers, or as status indicators for designated lines and telephone sets. An expanded Norstar M7324 can accommodate up to 80 lines.

  Norstar Key Lamp Module

When added to the M7324, the Key Lamp Module (KLM) can accommodate up to 80 lines.

Part Numbers Related to the KLM:
NTBB41, NT8841, NT8B40AA03, NT8B40AA23, NT8B40AA35, NT8B40AA93, NT8B40AB35, NT8B40AB93, NT8B40AB03, NT8B40AB23, NT8B40AE03, NT8B40AE35, NT8B40AE93, NT8B40BB03, NT8B40BB35, NT8B40BB93, NT8B41FA03, NT8B41FA35, NT8B41FA93, NT8B42AC03, NT8B42AC35, NT8B42AC93
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