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Avaya T7316 T7316e Meridian Norstar Phones 6 Line phone Nortel Networks NT8B27
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Norstar/Meridian / Avaya
Nortel Networks T7316E NTB827
6 Line Phone Set

Nortel Networks - Norstar T73163 (NT8B27) Phone Set     Nortel Networks  / Avaya
  Brand : Norstar
   Item : T7316E Phone Set
   Availability : New - Refurb
   Colors : Charcoal, Platinum
   Part Number : NT8B27
   Warranty: 1 Year
   New : $119.00
   Refurb : $89.00

Features & Benefits

The Norstar T7316E phone (NT8B27) is a full-featured, 6 line telephone for feature-intense users such as, managers and executive professionals, as well as for centralized answering and administrative positions.

This Norstar T7316 6 line phone set is similar to the Norstar M7310 phone and has a whole new look and new colors.

The Norstar T7316E 6 line phone sets a high industry standard with its feature rich sets and user-friendly interface offering a full range of features that can significantly enhance day-to-day productivity.

  • T7316E supports up to 6 lines

  • The T7316 has 8 programmable memory buttons with LCD indicator

  • The T7316E Tilt-display with integrated visual ring/message waiting indicator

  • 1 line, 16-character LCD window

  • Desktop Assistant Labeling Application compatible

  • Large ITU dial pad

  • T7316E offers handsfree operation

  • Built-in headset jack

  • Audio control center

  • Quick feature decal (optional)

  • Feature access button

  • Hold button

  • Release button

  • Wall mountable

  • The T7316E is compatible with Norstar and Business Communication Manager systems

  • The T7316 is hearing aid compatible.

  • English or French keycaps (optional)

  • Long handset cord 2.7m (optional)

  • Shoulder rest (optional)

      Norstar T7316E

    The Norstar T7316E 6 line phone sets a high industry standard with a feature rich set and user-friendly interface.

    Part Numbers Related to this Telephone Set:
    T7316, T7316E, NT8B27, NT8B27AABA, NT8B27AAAA, NT8B27AABB, NT8B27JAAA, NT8B27JAAB, NTAB3198, NTAB3615, NTAB3618, NTAB3619, NTAB3620, NTAB4208, NTAB9696, NTAB9748
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