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NT5B20 Nortel Networks 824 DS 8 Line Phone system Meridian Norstar NT5820
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Nortel Networks NT5B20
8x24 DS Phone System

Nortel Networks - Norstar NT5B20 8x24 DS Control Unit    Manufacturer: Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar/Meridian
   Item : 8x24 DS Control Unit
   Availability : Refurbished Only
   Part Number : NT5B20
   w/DR5 software : $299.00

Features & Benefits
The Norstar 824 (NT5B20) is preconfigured for 8 lines and 24 telephones and can be expanded to 80 lines or 120 stations or a combination of the two.

All the Meridian Norstar phones work with this control unit and also the Flash voice mail.

  • Handles 8 lines and 24 extensions.

  • Music on hold capable.

  • Intercom, Speed Dialing, Conferencing.

  • Voice Mail.

  • Disconnect Supervision Feature.

      Norstar 8x24 DS Control Unit

    The system is flexible, dependable, and loaded with features, making it the best-selling small system for businesses worldwide.

    Part Numbers Related to the 8x24 Control Unit:
    NT5B24DA93, NT5B24DB93, NT5B24DC93, NT5B24DF93, NT5B24DH93, NT5B24DB93, NT5B24DC93, NT5B24DD, NT5B24DD93, NT5B24DE93, NT5B24DF, NT5B24DF93, NT5B24DG, NT5B24DG93, NT5B24DH, NT5B24DH93, NT5B24DK93, NT5B24GA93
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