NT5B01 Nortel Networks 6 line Phone System Meridian Norstar NT5801
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Nortel Networks NT5B01
6x16 Phone System

Nortel Networks - Norstar NT5B05 Compact 6x16 Control Unit    Manufacturer: Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar/Meridian
   Item : 6x16 Control Unit
   Availability : Refurbished Only
   Part Number : NT5B01
   w/DR2 Software : 249.00
   w/DR5 software : 299.00
   DS Cabinet w/DS DR5 : 349.00
Features & Benefits
To succeed in business today, a company must be faster, smarter, and more reliable than the competition.

There’s a communications system that helps small businesses gain these critical advantages.

It’s the Norstar 6x16 (NT5B01) phone system. All of the Meridian Norstar phones work with the 616 cabinet.

Norstar’s flexible design makes it easy to add software and hardware options for your business, including:

  • Norstar Applications, like Norstar Flash voice messaging or Norstar Voice Mail, both with integrated Automated Attendant, to assure your calls are answered 24 hours a day.

  • Analog Terminal Adapters to connect computer modems, fax machines, credit card terminals, and other analog devices without the need for a dedicated line.

  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) to track your calling activity for monitoring telephone costs and assigning codes for client billing; And more.

      Norstar 6x16 Control Unit

    Norstar 6X16 will handle 6 lines and 16 extensions (stations). This system has all of the common features that a Digital phone system needs for a small business.

    Part Numbers Related to the 6x16 Control Unit:
    NT5B01, NT5801, NT5B01AA, NT5B01CA, NTB501DA, NT5B01DB, NT5B01DD, NT5B01DE, NT5B01DE93, NT5B01DK, NT5B01DK93, NT5B01DL, NT5B01DL93, NT5B01FC93
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