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Nortel Networks NT5B05
3x8 Phone System

Nortel Networks - Norstar NT5B05 Compact 3x8 Control Unit    Manufacturer: Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar/Meridian
   Item : 3X8 Control Unit
   Availability : New/Refurbished
   Part Number : NT5B05
   New w/5.1 Software : $449.00
   Refurb w/D1 Software : $199.00

Features & Benefits
The communications solution that helps your business do more business.

Powerful features to improve employee productivity and drive your business to new levels of competitiveness and customer value.

The Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System.

The simple, yet sophisticated, Norstar Compact 3 Line phone system was designed specifically for small office

  • Expandable up to 3 lines and 8 extensions, and lets you easily add enhancements as your business needs change. What’s more, moving to the next Norstar platform is easy and cost-effective. Your original investment in and some peripherals is protected because they can be used with any Norstar system.

  • Digital technology assures reliability and clearer sound, while positioning you for future advances.

  • With one of the industry’s lowest failure rates, Norstar is the best-selling small system for businesses worldwide.

  • A wide variety of features—standard, not options—save you time and money while simplifying communications in your busy office.

      Norstar Compact 3x8

    The system is flexible, dependable, and loaded with features, making it the best-selling small system for businesses worldwide.

    Part Numbers Related to the 3x8 Unit:
    NT5B05, NT5805, NT5B05CN93, NT5B05CP93, NT5B05CQ93, NT5B05DA, NT5B05DB
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