M7208 Phone Nortel Networks Meridian Norstar 6 Line Telephone NT8B30
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Nortel Networks NT8B30
6 Line Telephone

Nortel Networks - Norstar M7208 (NT8B30) Phone Set    Manufacturer: Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar
   Item : M7208 Phone Set
   Availability : New/Refurbished
   Colors : Black, Ash, Grey
   Part Number : NT8B30
   New : CALL
   Refurb : $49.00
Features & Benefits
This basic Norstar M7208 phone is ideal for users who need access to a just a few lines, programmable features, and autodial numbers. The Norstar M7208 (NT8B30) is well-suited for areas with shared telephones, like manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair centers.

The Norstar M7208 provides up to 6 lines and has 8 programmable buttons and a 1-line by 16-character LCD Window.

The Norstar M7208 phone (Square Set) is well suited for lower internal and higher external calling volumes; it supports up to any combination of eight lines and frequently-used features.

The Norstar M7208 phone is a cost-effective set for users needing only a few programmable features and/or autodial numbers.

The Norstar M7208 phone can be used as a courtesy phone in lobbies, cafeterias, reception areas, or staff lounges.

It is also suited for areas where staff numbers are relatively high compared to the number of telephones needed, such as manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair centers.

  • A smaller set footprint provides end-users with additional space for other desktop tools in their work environments.

  • New 2 color scheme (Charcoal and Platinum) give an updated look and color scheme that gives fresh vitality to the portfolio

  • Offers a simplified strategy for labeling the programmable buttons on each set.

  • Fully Adjustable Tilt LCD: Tilt display provides clearer viewing of information on the Liquid Crystal display in different lighting environments.

  • Visual Ringing Lamp / Message Waiting Indication (T7100, T7208, T7316): Informs you while you are on another call or away from your desk that your phone is ringing.

  • Audio Control Center with Headset and Mute T7208, & T7316: Alongside the Hands-free button the audio control center provides you with the ability to quickly change and control the volume and path of your call.

  • Large Dial pad: Larger keys on the dial-pad provide a more user-friendly interface and enhances productivity.

  • Built-In Speaker: For hands-free conversation, background music, group listening, and paging announcements. This high-quality speaker saves your neck and ear during long calls without distorting the conversation.

  • Feature Button: Use this button to program or use Norstar or Business Communications Manager features.

  • Hold Button: Put a caller on hold with the touch of a button. Tones or music on hold assures callers they have not been disconnected.

  • Release Button: You don't have to lift and replace the handsets to hang up after a hands-free call. Just press the release button.

  • Volume Control Bar: Easily and quickly adjust the ringer, handset, headset, or speaker volume whenever you need to.

  • Memory Buttons: No more searching the Rolodex or Personal Hand Held Devices for a customer's phone number. Program the numbers you frequently use on these buttons for one-touch dialing. Or program memory buttons for quick access to system features or network services. The choice is yours - customize your phone for the way you work.

  • Display Button (Soft Keys): To make communications even easier the Business Series Terminals T7316 and the M7324 attendant position set provide 3 softkeys integrated with the LCD Window. While the Window tells you your status and options, the softkeys let you select an appropriate action with one touch. No commands to remember. Just make your choice and press the softkey.

  • Programmable Buttons: Each phone is easily customized to fit the individual user's needs. Buttons can be programmed as lines, intercoms, autodial numbers, or features. If you frequently meet with customers in your office, program a button for "Do Not Disturb," and eliminate telephone interruptions with one touch. Or for quick dialing, program the numbers you frequently call on these buttons.

  • Intercom: You don't want to tie up an outside line just to call someone down the hall. Using the intercom keys leaves lines free, so your customers can reach you. Hands-free: With one-touch hands-free operation, you can place or answer calls without picking up the handset.

  • Mute Button: You can use the mute button to listen without being heard.

      Norstar M7208

    This 6 line Meridian Norstar Telephone set offers a simplified strategy for the programmable buttons on each set.

    Part Numbers related to this Telephone Set: NT8B30AA03, NT8B30AA23, NT8B30AA35, NT8B30AA93, NT8B30AB03, NT8B30AB35, NT8B30AB93, NT8B30AD03, NT8B30AD23, NT8B30AD35, NT8B30AD93, NT8B30AE03, NT8B30AE35, NT8B30AE93, NT8B30BB03, NT8B30BB35, NT8B30BB93
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