T7406 Phone Nortel Networks 5 Line Cordless phone Meridian Norstar NT8B45
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Nortel Networks NT8B45
5 Line Cordless Office Phone

Nortel Networks - Norstar T7406 (NT8B45) Phone Set    Manufacturer: Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar
   Item : T7406 Cordless Phone Set
   Availability : New Only
   Colors : Charcoal
   Part Number : NT8B45
   New : CALL
   T7406 User Guide : PDF
Features & Benefits
Norstar Business Series Terminal T7406 is a full-featured, the 5 line T7406 cordless phone is for businesses that would benefit from a workplace mobility solution.

The T7406 phone covers an area of up to 282,000 square feet and supports 1-6 people, enabling your employees to be more productive while moving about the office.

Ideal for small enterprises, the T7406 phone offers high quality reception for branch offices, retails, medical offices, warehouses and manufacturing environments.

  • The cordless T7406 phone has a 900 MHz digital spread spectrum frequency hopping (DSSFH).

  • With an operating range of 300 feet (97 meters), the cordless T7406 phone is also capable of 282,000 square feet of coverage.

  • Backward compatibility with Norstar and Business Communications Manager and full integration with their applications and features.

  • The maximum site density of the T7406 enables 6 handsets. This includes 2 wall bases, each supporting three T7406 handsets.

  • The T7406 phones nickel metal hydride battery delivers up to 5 hours (with backlight off) continuous talk-time or up to 72 hours standby for a more efficiant cordless phone.

      Norstar T7406 Cordless

    A 5 line cordless T7406 phone that covers an area of up to 282,000 square feet and supports 1-6 people.

    Part Numbers Related to this Cordless Telephone Set:
    T7406, NT8b45, NT8B45AAAA, NT8B45AAAB, NT8B45AAAC, NTAB9681, NTAB9682, NTAB9683, NTAB9684, NTAB9685, NTAB9698
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