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Meridian Norstar Nortel Networks VoiceMail User Guide

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Nortel Networks Mail Box
User Refrence Guide

Meridian Norstar Nortel Networks Voice Mail User Guide

Norstar Voice Mail Quick Reference Guide


Initializing Your Mailbox

You can begin to use Norstar Voice Mail as soon as you initialize your mailbox.

To open and initialize your mailbox, follow these steps:
1. Press FEATURE 981 to open your mailbox.
2. Enter 0 0 0 0 (the default password) and press OK or #
3. Choose a password from four to eight digits long that does not start with zero. Enter your new mailbox password and press OK or #
4. Enter your new mailbox password again and press OK or #
5. At the tone, record your name in the Company Directory.
6. Press Rls to end this session.

Personal Mailbox Greetings

You can record Primary, Alternate or optional Personalized greetings. Your Primary Mailbox greeting is for everyday use. Your Alternate Mailbox greeting is for times when you are away from the office. If your company subscribes to Caller ID, you can record Personalized Mailbox greetings. For Personalized Mailbox greetings, you program Norstar Voice Mail to recognize a specific incoming telephone number. Your Personalize Mailbox greeting plays to callers from that number.

Norstar Voice Mail Feature Codes

Feature Codes are used to access the different Norstar Voice Mail operations.

Default Feature Codes
Leave a Message: FEATURE 980
Open Mailbox: FEATURE 981
Operator: FEATURE 982
Admin: FEATURE 983
Forward to Voice Mail: FEATURE 984
Transfer a call to a VM Box: FEATURE 986
Interrupt: FEATURE 987

Feature Code Descriptions

  • Open Mailbox Feature Code - Use to open your mailbox.
  • Forward to Voice Mail - Use to forward your Norstar telephone to Norstar Voice Mail.

  • Transfer Feature Code - Use to transfer a call to a mailbox.

  • Interrupt Feature Code - Use to interrupt a caller listening to your Personal Mailbox greeting or leaving a message.

  • Forwarding Your Calls to Norstar Voice Mail

    To forward your calls to Norstar Voice Mail, press FEATURE 984.

    Setting up Call Forward Remotely
    1. Call the Automated Attendant or your Norstar telephone from any tone dial telephone a press * * while playing greetings.
    2. Enter your Mailbox number/password and press #.
    3. Press 8, then press 2 and then press 3.
    4. Press 1 to enable or disable Call Forward.
    5. Press 1 to enable or disable Call Display.
    6. Replace the handset to end the session.

    Retrieving Erased Messages

    You can retrieve an erased message provided you are still in the Norstar Voice Mail session. An erased message remains in your mailbox until you end the current Norstar Voice Mail session.

    When you erase a new or saved message, the number of new or saved messages shown on the display will be decreased by one. Even though the display may show 0 new 0 saved, you can still play and retrieve your erased messages. Press PLAY or 2 to listen to your erased message.

    After you play your erased message, you are given the option to save it. If you end the current session without saving the erased message, it is permanently deleted from Norstar Voice Mail.

    Frequently Used Display Keys

  • To replay the Norstar Voice Mail Options, press.

  • To back up the display to the previous display prompt from a single-line display, press.

  • To interrupt most voice prompts or enter an option, press.

  • To speak to the Target Attendant or Operator, press 0.



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