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8 Line Phone System by Nortel Networks with caller ID and CallPilot 100 Voice Mail

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Norstar - Meridian
Nortel Networks 8 line Phone System
With Caller ID & CallPilot 100 VoiceMail


Norstar 8 Line Phone System with CallPilot 100 VoiceMail

Norstar Caller ID LS/DS Trunk Card - Norstar MICS 0x32 (NT7B53) - Norstar T7316E (NT8B27) - 8 Line Phone System with Norstar Call Pilot 100 Voice Mail

Nortel Networks CICS 8 Line Phone System
Package 9

Nortel Networks

  • 1 - Norstar MICS 0x32
  • 1 - Call Pilot 100 Voice Mail
  • 2 - Norstar LS/DS Caller ID Trunk Card
    (adds 4 incoming lines to your CICS)
  • 5 - T7316E Norstar Phones
  • 10 - T7208 Norstar Phones
  • 1 Year Warranty


    Just what you needed for your mid-sized business! The Norstar Meridian Modular Integrated Communications System (MICS) will improve not only the way you communicate, but also the way you do business.

    The Norstar CallPilot 100 for Norstar Integrated Communications Systems is a state-of-the art messaging system for small to mid-sized businesses, with 10-40 mailbox users.

    4x0 Caller ID Trunk card (NT7B75) is used to add 4 incoming lines with Caller ID to your Norstar Compact ICS or Modular ICS.

    This Norstar T7316e 6 line phone set is similar to the Norstar M7310 phone and has a whole new look and new colors.

    The Norstar T7208 6 line Phone is ideal for users who need access to a just a few lines, programmable features and buttons.

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    Norstar 8 Line Phone System with Call Pilot Voice Mail

    Designed for small to mid sized busines that needs a wide range of user friendly-business telephone sets! CallPilot 100 Voice Mail, Norstar T7316 office phone and the Norstar CICS is a great addition to any small business, or home office. This Nortel Networks business phone system is one of the best choices you can make for your growing needs!
      Part Numbers for this Package
      Compact MICS - NT7B54
      Call Pilot 100 Voice Mail
      Caller ID LS/DS - NT7B75
      Norstar T7316E - NT8B27

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