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Meridian Norstar - Nortel Networks - Norstar PC Console 1.1 User Guide

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Meridian Norstar - Nortel Networks - Norstar PC Console 1.1 User Guide
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Norstar User Guides and Manuals

Norstar PC Console 1.1 User Guide Version 1 PDF 960K

Norstar PC Console 1.1 User Guide

This document describes how Norstar PC Console works and how to use it in your company. The instructions in this guide are intended for experienced PC users.

Norstar PC Console is an application that provides centralized call management and call activity reporting capability to a business. Norstar PC Console runs on one or more Pentium™ Class personal computers (PCs) under a compatible Windows operating system. You can customize the way Norstar PC Console is set up to best suit your company’s call management requirements.

A telephone attendant uses the graphical user interface to:
  • originate calls

  • answer and manage multiple calls

  • view a company’s name before answering the call

  • record, add and change caller information for future use

  • quickly access information about the caller

  • transfer calls to employees or their voice mail

  • send the caller’s name to the employee’s Norstar telephone display

  • park calls and page employees

  • view information in a Directory about your company’s employees such as their extension
  • number, person status and telephone status
  • create and print reports showing how incoming calls were handled

  • view the status of all extensions in the company’s Norstar ICS system

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