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Nortel Networks Norstar Central Answering Position (CAP) Users Manual Meridian

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Meridian Norstar Nortel Networks Norstar Central Answering Position (CAP) Users Manual
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Norstar User Guides and Manuals

Norstar MISC CAP Card PDF 224K

The Norstar Central Answering Position (CAP) Card

The Meridian Norstar* central answering position (CAP) consists of a Norstar M7324 telephone and one or two CAP modules. A CAP module is an add-on device that provides 48 extra memory or line buttons for an M7324 telephone. You can connect up to two CAP modules to an M7324 telephone.

By giving you one-touch access to many more lines, features and autodial numbers, the CAP module makes it easier for you to:

answer external calls
check the status of the telephones in your Norstar system
transfer calls to your co-workers' telephones

When CAP modules are first plugged into your telephone, each CAP module button is pre-assigned either to select a line or to dial an internal number.

As a central answering position, with two CAP modules, your telephone can be assigned up to 120 lines. Lines are assigned to a CAP module beginning with the button in the top left corner and moving down. Buttons on a CAP module cannot be assigned as incoming line group or answer buttons. These buttons can only be assigned to your M7324 telephone. You cannot move incoming line group buttons from your M7324 telephone to your CAP module. After lines are assigned, any remaining buttons on your CAP module(s) become internal autodial buttons, starting with the lowest default internal number.
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