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Norstar CICS Manuals Installation Manuals Coordinator Manuals and Programming Manuals

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Meridian Norstar - Norstar CICS Manuals Installation Manuals Coordinator Manuals and Programming Manuals
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Norstar Installation Manuals, Coordinator Manuals and Programming Manuals

Nortel CICS 6.0 Installation Manual PDF 4.7M
Nortel CICS 6.1 System Coordinator Manual PDF 3.9M
Nortel CICS 6.0 Programming Manual PDF 2.6M

Nortel CICS 6.1

The Norstar Compact ICS 6.1 software includes several new features and a few functionality changes.

  • Key Indicator Module (KIM) and T7316E Business Series Terminal (BST) create a Central Answering Position (CAP).

  • These two pieces of hardware are designed to replace the M7324/CAP setup. The T7316E can also be deployed as a stand-alone unit, and works the same way as previous versions of the T7316 with some minor changes, including an active handsfree key below the main dialpad.

    The KIM can be used in two configurations. The ordinary KIM (OKIM) has the same functionality as the current unassigned CAP module. The enhanced KIM (eKIM) supports multiple lines, including target lines, and hunt group appearances.

    Up to four KIMs can be attached to a T7316E, without requiring a supplementary power supply. A T7316E can only support a maximum of four eKIMs, however, it can support up to nine OKIMs, with the addition of a station auxiliary power supply (SAPS). The system can support one CAP with an eKIM. This number will include any T7324- based CAP installations you might already have. The system can support any number of CAPS using OKIMs.

    T7316E telephones and KIMs also provide call-specific icons to make call tracking easier.

    Nortel CICS 6.0

    The Norstar Compact ICS 6.0 software includes several new features and a few functionality changes.

  • Distinctive ring for lines and hunt groups

  • You can now assign distinctive ring patterns (DRP) to both lines and hunt groups. This is similar to the feature that allows you to assign different rings to your telephone so you can distinguish which phone is ringing. All three of these features work in concert with each other. Which ring will be used depends on the priority that is assigned to each, and the order in which the assignment occurred. Refer to Distinctive ring on page 163 and Assigning a distinctive ring pattern to a Hunt Group on page 197.

  • System wide call appearance feature codes (SWCA)

  • Sixteen new feature codes allow you to assign indicator memory buttons with SWCA codes. These buttons provide call appearance for both incoming and outgoing calls to any group of telephones with the same assigned buttons. This allows a call to be parked on a SWCA button, and then the call can be retrieved by any other member of the group.

    Calls are assigned to the SWCA buttons, either automatically or manually, at the telephone that receives or makes the call. This frees up the line for other calls while maintaining an appearance of the call in the group. Refer to Setting SWCA controls on page 209.

  • CLID display enhancements, alpha tagging using system speed dial, codes increased to 200

  • Alpha tagging is an enhancement to the CLID functionality of the system. This feature matches incoming calls with system speed dial entries. If enough digits match (CLID match), and the telephone is set to receive name display, then whatever name is entered into the system speed dial for that number will display as CLID when the call comes in. Refer to Sys speed dial on page 187.

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