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Nortel Networks/Meridian
Norstar Startalk Flash 4 Voice Mail

Nortel Networks - Norstar Startalk Flash 4 VoiceMail with 48 Mailboxes (NTAB48)    Manufacturer: Nortel Networks
   Brand : Norstar/Meridian
   Item : Startalk Flash 4
   Availability : New/Refurb
   Part Number: NTAB24
   Refurb: $450.00
   New: CALL
Features & Benefits
When it comes to voice messaging, there's a powerful Norstar solution that delivers superior performance... for a LOT less money to businesses with smaller caller volumes.

It's Norstar Flash Voice Mail the revolutionary solid-state solution for intelligent voice processing from Nortel. It's specially designed to work with your Norstar business communications system.

And it's loaded with everything you need to make your phone system pay for itself including Auto Attendant, Cascading Off-Premise Message Notification, and Integrated Calling Line ID.

The same LCD Window that makes your Norstar system so intuitive steps you through all the features of Flash Voice Mail. And this unrivaled ease of use reduces training costs for your employees and quickly expands your business capabilities.

  • The Flash 4 NTAB24 voicemail supports 4 digital voice channels, up to 48 mailboxes, and 180 minutes of memory.

  • Double the capacity of the Flash 2 and has the same overall features.

  • The Flash 4 will occupy 2 ports on your Norstar cabinet and will integrate seamlessly with any Norstar Cabinets.

      Norstar Startalk Flash 4 Voice Mail

    When it comes to voice messaging, there’s a powerful Norstar solution that delivers superior performance for a LOT less money!

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