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Meridian Norstar MICS 7.0 System Coordinator Guide

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Meridian Norstar MICS 7.0 System Coordinator Guide
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Meridian Norstar MICS 7.0 - System Coordinator Guide PDF 897K

Meridian Norstar MICS 7.0 - System Coordinator Guide

When your system is installed, your installer or customer service representative programs it to work with your telephone lines, with your private network, if you have one, and with optional equipment. They customize the system for your office. All programming is recorded in the Modular ICS 7.0 Programming Record.

You may want to further customize your system. For example, you can change how some features work, or adapt the system to changes in your office. Programming allows you to change settings that probably need to be updated regularly because of staff turnover or new business contacts. You can also assign features and program buttons on individual telephones. There are four ways to customize and maintain your Norstar system:

Initial programming is performed for you by your installer or customer service representative. It deals mostly with how the system interacts with lines, telephones, and other equipment.

Your programming as a system coordinator changes how features work for the system, as needed. It requires a System Coordinator password.

A Basic programming password is available to allow individuals other than the system coordinator to make changes without giving access to sensitive programming capabilities.

Personal programming is available to anyone through the Feature button on their Norstar telephone. It allows individuals to change how their telephone works to suit themselves.

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