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Meridian Norstar MICS 7.0 Installation Guide

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Meridian Norstar MICS 7.0 Installation Guide
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Meridian Norstar MICS 7.0 Installation Guide PDF 984K

Meridian Norstar MICS 7.0 Installation Guide

This guide provides core installation and programming information for MICS 7.0 and MICS-XC 7.0 systems.

The MICS system can be a mini (no expansion cartridge installed), a midi (installed with a two-port expansion cartridge), a maxi (installed with a six-port expansion cartridge), or a mega (Combination Fiber six-port Services Cartridges and Services cartridges for a total of 14 ports) system. For more information about the configurations, see Connecting expansion modules on page 242.

The MICS-XC system has all the functionality of MICS, plus it supports module 13 and 14, which, starting with this release, provides additional digital/analog telephone support as well as the legacy Companion wireless functionality. This version of MICS software supports existing Companion functionality, although the product is no longer available. If your system will continue to use Companion handsets, refer to Companion documentation from previous releases for installation and configuration information.

Both systems support ISDN PRI and BRI, and T1 functionality. All MICS 7.0 functionality is described in this book. For system coordinators, the MICS 7.0 System Coordinator Guide explains how to perform common telephone programming.

Information that is specific to MICS-XC systems or MICS systems is clearly marked within this guide.

Note: Throughout this guide, reference to KSU refers to the Integrated Communication System (ICS).

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