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ATT Merlin Phone Systems by Avaya Lucent|Control Units|Expansion Cards
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Merlin Phone Systems
CO Station Cards

AT&T/Lucent Merlin Control Units
and Expansion Modules
  Refurb ONLY
  1. Merlin 410 Control Unit
  2. Merlin 820 Plus 4X10 Control Unit
  3. Merlin 10 Port Station Card
  4. Merlin 4 Port CO Card
1 800 LA Phones always stocks AT&T Merlin Brand Control Units, Expansions Cards & Phones

All ATT Merlin Phone Systems by Avaya Lucent

The AT&T Avaya Lucent Technologies brings you Phone System, Expansion cards and Phones come with great features!

With speed dialing hold, transfer, hands free/intercom and conferencing your AT&T/Lucent Spirit Phone is a great addition to your small business or home office!

The AT&T Spirit Phones are easy and very useful for small businesses. Call today for a quote on a Control Unit, Expansion card or Business Phone today!

ATT Merlin Phone Systems by Avaya Lucent Control Units and Expansion Cards.
  AT&T Merlin Control Units & Expansion Cards
AT&T (Avaya/Lucent) Business Phone Systems and Telephone Sets are some of the highest quality phones on the market, with easy to upgrade systems and easy to use features, AT&T Merlin Telephones are the perfect choice for you home office or small business!

ATT Merlin Phone Systems by Avaya Lucent Control Units and Expansion Cards.
At 1 800 LA Phones we strive to get you the quality business phone system for your small business or home office. If you have a AT&T Merlin System and would like to stay with the AT&T Merlin phone system, please give us a call today, and we will do our best to find any AT&T Merlin Telephone Set or VoiceMail system that you need!

AT&T Spirit Merlin - Avaya/Lucent are trademarks of Avaya Inc.
ATT Merlin Phone Systems by Avaya Lucent Control Units and Expansion Cards.
1 800 LA Phones is not affiliated with Avaya Inc.

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